Tango-by-the-sea with guest teacher, Lloyd Spencer


Lloyd and Sara

On Friday April 26th Tango-by-the-Sea, in Scarborough will play host to an evening with guest teacher (and DJ) Lloyd Spencer, from Leeds who will be teaching with his dance partner, Sara el Hassani.

Lloyd and Sara have developed a distinctive approach to milonga (the dance) and will be showing how everyone can join in and get the most out of this most up-beat and fun of the tango dances.

In the second lesson, Lloyd and Sara will use a very simple sequence in order to focus on some of the underlying principles that make tango work. These represent some of the “pearls” gathered from their many excellent teachers down the years. We really believe that some of what you will learn, you will remember for a long time.

The lesson will be written-up on this website and those teachers properly acknowledged for their memorable teaching.2012-12-22_1356139903

Dancing for the evening will be to music selected by Lloyd covering the whole range of the tango tradition, from unforgettable classics, through the drama of Pugliese and Piazolla to the energy, wit and dreamy romanticism of contemporary tango music.

Tango-by-the-Sea meets on the last Friday of each month in Roscoe Street, YO127BY Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Tel: 07794 800014 for details.

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Hello tango world! – this is a new site UNDER CONTRUCTION

Welcome to “Tango Tykes”. This is the first post of this new blog about tango in Leeds.

PLEASE be patient. This website is under construction. That means quite a few of the pages are still blank at the moment. This will all change during April 2013 as the pages fill up.

Do get in touch. And keep dancing. …. Lloyd

Twitter: @Briggate FaceBook: Lloyd Spencer
Or contact me by leaving a comment on this site.

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Tea dance at the Manhattan Club

Wow! what a lovely afternoon. What nice people…


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A tango “elite” ?

A tango “elite” ?, originally uploaded by Briggate.com.

We have several excellent teachers of Argentine tango in Leeds. Juan (with his arms around Pam right front) is a wonderful teacher from Argentina. These were some of the people assembled for the Improvers class (20:30–21:30 Tuesdays) at the Angler’s Club. I am really glad that people heeded my request to see that their heads were in the picture… (Hi, Ed! Hi there, Jenny)

A tango “elite”?  Well, only in the sense that they are such a companionable (which means reasonably confident) group and they make the improvers lesson such fun. What they are not, is “elitist”.

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Tango ball

Tango ball, originally uploaded by Briggate.com.

Hello tango world

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